Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Pravda Says Truth About Kennedy Assassination Will Never Be Unveiled


Some things never change. Take the article, "Truth about John Kennedy’s assassination will never be unveiled," published in today's issue of Pravda, Moscow's newspaper of record.

According to the front page story, "John Kennedy died because he was in opposition to a group of Texan oligarchs. But Americans prefer not to speak much about the version as it is very much compromising for George W. Bush."

According to Pravda, the Kennedy assassination remains unsolved although they later declare, "Many experts on America believe that the conspiracy in Dallas was organized by a group of billionaires from Texas with Harold Hunt at head. The man was considered the world’s richest man of that time. The Texas businessman took an active part in the political life of America; he nominated Texas senator Lyndon Johnson for presidential election in 1960. The first attempt to promote Johnson was a failure, but Hunt finished the game in Dallas as a result of which Kennedy was killed and his candidate came to the White House."

Kennedy, by Pravda's account, was in opposition to the group of Texas oligarchs seeking governmental positions. Hence, billionaires with Hunt at head decided to conspire against Kennedy.

Pravda goes on to claim that "it is perfectly clear that America’s tough security measures would not make it possible for any stranger to approach Oswald who was considered the killer of President Kennedy and even kill him. But within two years after Oswald’s death sixty-two people more who could have testified upon the Kennedy killing died under not clear circumstances. The taxi driver who took Oswald home from the book stack died in a week after that day. [Editor's note: Actually, Whaley died in December, 1965, two years after the assassination, in a not so mysterious manner - he was killed when an 83 year-old man in an oncoming vehicle crossed the center line and crashed into Whaley's car, killing himself and Whaley.] Later, more fatal instances with people who knew something about the crime followed."

Why is this all so compromising for President Bush? According to Pravda, the inertness in the investigation of the crime is due to the fact that both George H.W. Bush and his son George W. Bush "are oilmen belonging to the same group" of Texas oligarchs who whacked Kennedy. No mention is made of the Warren Commission and the House Select Committee on Assassinations which investigated the killing in 1964 and 1977-78.

The source for most of this hokum is Valentin Zorin, a political correspondent for Soviet TV and radio and professor of the Institute for the USA and Canada Studies, and yes, the son of Valerian Alexandrovich Zorin (1902-1986), the Soviet diplomat and statesman, who as Soviet ambassador to the United Nations got into the famous confrontation with Adlai Stevenson on October 25, 1962, during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Zorin denied that the Soviets had placed offensive ballistic missiles in Cuba and refused to answer Stevenson's direct question about them resulting in Stevenson's famous retort, "I am prepared to wait for my answer until hell freezes over, if that's your decision. And I'm also prepared to present the evidence in this room." Stevenson then showed the world U2 recon photographs that proved that the Soviets had placed and were placing intercontinental ballistic missiles in Cuba.

The latest Pravda report about who was behind the Kennedy assassination is nothing new, of course. TASS, the official Soviet press agency, announced on November 23, 1963, at a time when the Dallas police investigation into the crime had barely begun, that Kennedy was killed by "extreme rightwing elements" in the United States. So much for ascertaining any facts before drawing a conclusion.

Obviously, it is no surpise that Moscow is beating the same drum forty-four years later. Who needs facts when you've got a good yarn to tell?