Monday, February 27, 2023

Fred Litwin’s Film Flam

Why the Conspirati Hate the Latest Book on Oliver Stone


Author and researcher Fred Litwin had been drawing the ire of the conspirati ever since he released, I Was a Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak, in 2018. To say they hate him now would be an understatement.
Litwin’s latest book, Oliver Stone’s Film Flam: The Demagogue of Dealey Plaza, tackles claims made in the 2022 Oliver Stone documentary, “JFK: Destiny Betrayed,” a four-hour version of the two-hour film, “JFK Revisited – Through the Looking Glass.”
Both versions were discussed on this blog last July upon the release of the Blu-ray disc edition and annotated companion book.
In his 438-page book, Mr. Litwin hammers home the truth about forty-six claims made in Stone’s “JFK: Destiny Betrayed,” leaving no Stone unturned.
Here’s just a few examples:
  • Were the conclusions of the Warren Commission preordained?
  • Was Dr. [Malcolm] Perry pressured to change his opinion [about the throat wound]?
  • Did Dr. [George] Burkley cover up the medical evidence?
  • Are there any missing autopsy photographs?
  • Did Lee Harvey Oswald have an alibi?
  • Were the backyard photographs faked?
  • Did CE 399 [the magic bullet] look like the bullet found at Parkland Hospital?
  • Was there a hole in the windshield of JFK’s limousine?
Each question is explored with a brief walk-through of the history surrounding the particular question punched-up with documents, newspaper clipping, photographs and diagrams that leads the reader to the obvious answer.
While much of the material Mr. Litwin presents is old news to anyone familiar with Vincent T. Bugliosi’s Reclaiming History, Gus Russo’s Live by the Sword, and lots of other works that few in the conspiracy community – and even fewer newbies to the subject – have read, Litwin has done a genuine service by assembling these widely scattered facts into a single, easy-to-read volume.
Even an old dog like me found Litwin’s book a refreshing recap of assassination research history, despite being largely familiar ground. I suspect that newcomers to the subject will find Litwin’s book informative and easily digestible and for them I highly recommend it.
Predictably, conspiracy proponents are throwing a tantrum, like the proverbial five-year-old with his hand caught in the cookie jar, over the release of Litwin’s book.
The leading Internet forums are cluttered with thread after thread charging Litwin with being a weenie for daring to kick sand in the faces of conspiracy-minded heroes like Oliver Stone and his documentary film side-kick James DiEugenio.
Of course, Mr. Litwin has laid bare the considerable lies and falsehoods presented as fact in their documentary and the conspirati just can’t have that. It’s not enough, you see, to have convinced 80% of the public (at one time or another) that Lee Harvey Oswald was an innocent lamb led to the slaughter by forces unknown. No, the conspirati must have 100% saturation – nothing short of full compliance will suffice. Jawohl!
And therein lies the rub. What are the conspirati so afraid of? Is it that the facts, when honestly presented, don’t align with their viewpoint?
Mr. Litwin’s refreshing book is the anecdote to the conspiracy mindset that embraces fiction over fact and irrationality over logic.
The conspiracy community has been playing loose with the truth for decades, placating a naïve public with mindless rubbish.
In his latest book, Mr. Litwin pulls back the curtain to show the world that the Wizard Stone is just an old carnival barker from Kansas. [END]