Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The JFK Assassination’s Forgotten Hero: J.D. Tippit
New book ‘With Malice’ tells the definitive story

(MILFORD, MI) - Oak Cliff Press, Inc., is proud to announce the forthcoming publication of a 50th Anniversary Limited Edition of With Malice: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Murder of Officer J.D. Tippit.

Author Dale K. Myers brings thirty-five years of research to this second-by-second account of the murder of Dallas Patrolman J.D. Tippit - killed forty-five minutes after the assassination of President Kennedy - and the frantic manhunt that ended in the arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald.

This newly revised and updated 864 page second edition of the critically acclaimed 1998 classic features a new cover and includes 140 pages of new text, rare previously unpublished photographs, a new comprehensive index, and much more.

With the generous cooperation of the extended Tippit family, this limited edition contains a significant update of the J.D. Tippit story - from his boyhood near Clarksville, Texas, to his tragic and untimely death in the Dallas suburb of Oak Cliff.

In-depth interviews with family & friends and rare family photographs provide the foundation for this exclusive, definitive, true portrait of the forgotten hero of the JFK assassination.

“This is a critical part of the assassination story,” Myers says, “a part that the public has largely forgotten. I’ve been working closely with Officer Tippit’s extended family for the past fourteen years in an effort to finally bring truth and closure to one of the most misunderstood, largely ignored - and often twisted - aspects of the Kennedy assassination.”

For five decades, a community of doubters has found reason to challenge the official version of Tippit’s death. Eyewitness accounts of the shooting were contorted to exonerate Oswald. Dallas police officers were painted as bumbling flatfoots, not to be trusted. Every government report was assumed to be full of lies and deception. Some claimed that Oswald had been framed by a zealous police force. Others suggested that Tippit was part of the plot to murder the chief executive.

There have been many questions raised about Tippit's death over the past fifty years, but few real attempts to find the answers.

With Malice weaves first hand accounts (many taken from personal interviews), newly released documents, and previously unpublished photographs into a detailed tapestry of facts that lifts the mystery surrounding this pivotal moment in American history.

Myers’ painstaking research and analysis is fresh, innovative, and thought provoking. Rarely has one book brought together original elements from so many far flung sources - the National Archives, Texas State Archives, and the Dallas Municipal Archives and Records Center, as well as the personal accounts of family members, eyewitnesses, police officers, newsmen, and investigators. This is their story, in their own words.

“This is unquestionably the definitive book on the murder of Officer J.D. Tippit,” says Vincent Bugliosi, renowned Los Angeles prosecutor and author of Helter Skelter and Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy. “Myers has made a very significant and scholarly contribution to the literature on the assassination of JFK. Absolutely must reading for any student of this national tragedy. A superb true crime book which I recommend highly.”

With Malice: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Murder of Officer J.D. Tippit, by Dale K. Myers, is the definitive work on the Tippit murder and its far reaching implications.

The book ships October 1, 2013.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Dale,

Really excited about the revised version of your book.

Can you please tell me if this book will be available to purchase in the UK?


Unknown said...

Do you address, in the new edition of your book, the intriguing post-assassination phone call a week after the assassination (as documented in FBI files and recounted in John Armstrong's book "Harvey and Lee") in which an unknown, but clearly frightened, woman called a distant relative of Officer Tippit in Connecticut and claimed to have known Oswald's father and uncle -- who'd lived in the Yorkville sction of Manhattan -- and that they had been Hungarian communists?

Dale K. Myers said...

No. There is no connection between Jack D. Tippit of Westport, CT (a self-employed cartoonist for several national magazines in 1963), and J.D. Tippit of Dallas, TX.

Mrs. Jack D. Tippit got a crank call on Nov. 30, 1963 (her husband listened in on the call), after an article appeared in the Norwalk Hour, a local newspaper, on Nov. 25, stating that Jack was a "distant relative" of Officer Tippit.

Genealogy research shows no direct relation between Jack and JD. The ancestral Tippit family came to the United States in 1635. Some Tippits remained on the east coast, while others migrated south to Tennessee and eventually to Texas.

Author John Armstrong ("Harvey & Lee") seized on an FBI report detailing the anonymous crank call, changed the date of the reported call to Nov.23, and used it to support his theory that two Lee Harvey Oswalds were used in an elaborate CIA plot to kill JFK.

My own book, With Malice explores many conspiracy allegations made over the past 50 years while focusing on the true facts of Tippit's life and death. The obscure FBI report regarding the crank call to the Jack D. Tippit household in 1963 was not one worthy of print.

Dale K. Myers said...

Regarding availability of With Malice:

Pre-orders for U.S. deliveries are being accepted now at No outside the U.S. purchases/deliveries are being accepted. The book ships Oct. 1, 2013.

Other options (including foreign deliveries) are being worked on. Watch for an announcement here and at

Unknown said...

Mr. Myers -

It's fantastic to see the book back in print. I borrowed a copy from the Dallas library years ago when it was still circulating, and have been wanting to read it again ever since. Just ordered my copy from Amazon today. Thanks for the great work!

Dale K. Myers said...

Michael, I'm sure you'll enjoy the new material. Signed copies are available at

Dale K. Myers said...

BTW, International orders (unsigned only) are available through Amazon Books -US.

Hideji Okina said...

I'm a Japanese assassination resercher.
It's a wonderful news!
I buy this book first version and read again and again.
It's sad,in Japan,JFK assassination conspiracy theory is very strong...
This year I planning to Japanese TV progran prove a conspiracy theory is flaud.
But many film on air offer is rejected,especially I blame [JFK:the movie] is very bad for warner bros.
I buy this new book as soon as possible.

Paul C. said...

For years I regretted not buying a first edition when I saw it at the book store back in '99, but it was well worth the wait to get the updated version. Kudos across the board.

Anonymous said...

Does this book touch on the conspiracy theory surrounding J.D. Tippit's death?

Dale K. Myers said...

You're kidding, right? In case you are not: It's everything you'll ever want to know and then some.

Anonymous said...


I received my copy of with malice last month, many thanks for the prompt shipping to the UK.

Have now read the book and I would like to say that it was an excellent read and the most comprehensive I have read on this matter, and I commend you on the work you have done to put this together over the years.