Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Reading Room Project at The Sixth Floor Museum


Corgan Associates, Inc., one of the largest U.S.-based architectural firms focused on planning and design, has been selected to design the new Reading Room for The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. Corgan will be renovating the former administrative offices in the former Texas School Book Depository, providing greater access to the museum’s growing collection of 35,000 items related to President John F. Kennedy and the events surrounding his assassination. The Reading Room represents the latest initiative by the nonprofit museum, which draws more than 325,000 visitors annually.

Offering unparalleled views into Dealey Plaza, the new Reading Room will be located on the first floor of the Dallas County Administration Building at 411 Elm. It will feature supervised access and assistance by collections/library staff to the museum’s library and research collections which includes nearly 5,000 volumes, 1,000 videos, more than 700 video-recorded interviews and public programs and some 2,000 historic magazines and journals.

“Corgan is excited to be a part of Dallas history, working with The Sixth Floor Museum to create a new space in a building that is ingrained in the memories of the city’s residents and tourists alike,” said Corgan Managing Principal, David Lind. “The Reading Room is a much needed addition that will now provide researchers and educators with a functional yet comfortable space to view the archived history that draws so many visitors to the museum each year from all over the world.”

“As we approach the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination, the museum has renewed its responsibility to make its considerable resources available to students, educators and researchers,” says Nicola Longford, the museum’s executive director. “The Reading Room presents an excellent opportunity to showcase and expand our collections.”

The scope of the project also includes the Media Room, a renovation of the southeast corner meeting space in the former Depository. The Media Room will serve a double function as the space will be shared with Dallas County employees. The renovated space will serve as both a meeting/conference room and, thanks to new appropriate lighting and improved acoustical performance, as a permanent place to continue the Museum's Oral Histories project.

The Reading Room is scheduled to open in November 2009.


Anonymous said...

It is sad that more space will be available to a further enable the disinformation objectives of TSFM. The assassination of President Kennedy was a national tragedy. The efforts to obfuscate the truth by TSFM and Mr. Myers in his blog continue the tragedy and harm future generations. Mr. Myers, do you have no questions about the official story? Do the next day interviews presented in the Texas Medical Journal of the Parkland Doctors not give you pause. Several indicate a large hole in the BACK of his head. Is that not a problem for the "official" story?

Dale K. Myers said...


Disinformation? The Sixth Floor Museum is adding a much needed reading room so that everyone can read the original source documents or view the original films, interviews, etc., that exist in their vast collection. And you see this as a way to "obfuscate the truth"???

The only harm being down to future generations is by clowns like you who insist that the truth is being withheld. Despite your claims, two official investigations were conducted at great expense, millions upon millions of pages released and available to anyone interested in them, and foundations like the Sixth Floor Museum willing to make even more original source material available.
And this is your idea of obfuscating the truth???

Get real. The only thing sticking in your throat is the fact that after four decades of looking for evidence of the "big conspiracy" the conspirati haven't come up with one shred of believable evidence to support one.

Case in point - the Texas Medical Journal you cited. You know as well as I do (or at least you should) that there is a lot more to the Parkland Hospital story than you're letting on here, and certainly a lot more than can be covered in the comments section of this blog.

A good portion of it is online; available for FREE to anyone willing to get beyond the hit-and-run tactics of conspiracy believers like you who claim to uphold truth and justice. Try reading them sometime.

And next time, how about signing your name to your posts here so we all know who you are.