Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Defendant in dispute over JFK window has died


One of the two men involved in a dispute over who owns the "sniper's perch" from which Lee Harvey Oswald fired on President John F. Kennedy has died.

An attorney for 81-year-old Aubrey Mayhew said Tuesday his client died over the weekend at a hospice care facility in Nashville, Tenn.

Caruth Byrd sued Mayhew, arguing that he inherited the window from his father, who owned the Texas School Book Depository building and removed the window shortly after Kennedy's 1963 assassination. Mayhew, who owned the building from 1970-73, said he had the true window because the elder Byrd removed the wrong one.

Paul Fourth, Mayhew's attorney, said his client did not leave behind a will. The trial in Dallas was recently delayed until April.

An attorney for Byrd did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


Hans Karner said...

Robertson is CORRECT in his assertion,which is not a "conspiracy theory" but,by watching the Zapruder over and over again is DEFINITIVE PROOF, this only leaves me from determining which secret service agent shot JFK from behind,but I think I have that figured out as well. It was all done by the secret service with no help from LHO. You have to stop peddling your baloney government backed lies buddy!

Dale K. Myers said...

Thanks for sharing, Hans, but I'm afraid Dan Robertson's 2006 book, "Definitive Proof: The Secret Service Murder of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy," is yet another rehash of William Cooper's long ago discredited theory (watch a clear version of the Zapruder film) that Secret Service agent and limousine driver William Greer shot Kennedy (while no one was looking I presume). Try to keep up.