Saturday, February 23, 2008

Examine the Lost JFK Files


Well, they're really not lost. Obviously they've been located. But the Dallas Morning News is asking for your help in locating the real gems (if any) in the recent Dallas District Attorney files released earlier this week.

One, large chunk of the documents (Group 1 through 29) can be downloaded in PDF format from the Dallas Morning News by going here. The News promises that in the coming days, more will be made available for your review.

The alleged "transcript" of the conversation between Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald (released earlier this week) can be obtained in PDF format by going here. For more on the story behind the "transcript," read "Wading Through the Muck."

The documents contained in the current release are those that the district attorney's office made available in electronic form – an estimated 90 percent of all the documents from the vault. Another 10 percent had not yet been scanned when the current files were released to the Dallas Morning News.

The contents include transcripts, personal and official letters, newspaper clippings, lists of jurors, police reports, rap sheets, autopsy reports, trial notes, police notebooks, photographs and much more.

The documents appear exactly as they were received by the News. They are neither cataloged nor indexed, and they are in no apparent order.

After a quick perusal, there are no "smoking guns." The most interesting (at least to this writer) were the ones pertaining to the documentary film deal that received so much press when this story first broke. You'll find those documents in Group 6 (PDF's #50-55).

Happy hunting!

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