Thursday, July 26, 2007

Definitive Proof? The Secret Service Killed JFK


This month, author Dan Robertson introduced his debut book, "Definitive Proof: The Secret Service Murder of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy," which attempts to resurrect the theory that the Secret Service driver William Greer shot Kennedy from the front seat of the limousine. I thought we had heard the last of this goofy theory years ago, but apparently Milton William Cooper lives!

You may recall Wild "Bill" Cooper, the UFO conspiracist, tax resister, and self-styled "militiaman" who claimed that JFK was assassinated by his driver, citing a special "washed out" version of the Zapruder film that seemed to show Kennedy’s driver, William Greer, turning to shoot the President — an allegation easily refuted by simply looking at the original Z-film that clearly shows that Greer doesn't have a gun in either hand. Cooper was shot and killed during a shoot out with Apache County, Arizona, sheriff’s deputies in November, 2001, when they attempted to serve Cooper with an arrest warrant at his residence.

Author Dan Robertson apparently doesn't have any problem bringing Cooper's theory back to life by simply ignoring reality. Robertson's press release states:

"The totality of the evidence indicates that the Secret Service was the major player in the assassination and that a Secret Service Agent sitting in front of President Kennedy fired the fatal head shot. Robertson's conclusion is buttressed in particular by the forensic and ballistics evidence indicating that the head wound proceeded along the right side of President Kennedy's head, such that the gunman had to have been positioned almost directly in front of, or directly behind, the president, and at a point nearly horizontal with the president -- not high above him or below him. The forensic evidence, according to experts, also indicates that the fatal head wound was likely caused by a handgun fired at close range, not a rifle fired from a distance. This evidence, in turn, fits with testimonial evidence of the smell of gunpowder at street level moments after the assassination and testimony that the fatal head shot had a different sound and effect than the shots that hit President Kennedy in the neck and back. Compelling confirmation of Robertson's conclusion is contained in the digitally-enhanced version of the original Zapruder film."

Compelling confirmation? I think not.

Roberston apparently doesn't seem so sure of himself. While his book is titled Definitive Proof, his press release says, "Evidence presented in this film suggests that the secret service clearly had a major involvement in the assassination of President Kennedy." So, I guess the definite proof that Robertson refers to is really only a "suggestion." How's that for definitive?

What a waste of time. You can pick up your copy of this baloney sandwich at